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Jim Gossett
Corporate Demo Reel
Presidents of the United States Demo
Comcast Sports Channel As David Letterman

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George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George H. W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
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Al Gore
Billy Graham
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Jesse Jackson
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Henry Kissinger
Senator Joe Lieberman
Governor Mitt Romney
Walter Mondale
H. Ross Perot
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Donald Trump

Tom Brokaw
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Yosemite Sam
Homer Simpson

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Mary Albert
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Tom Bodet
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Jim Gossett As Mitt Romney
Jim Gossett Governor Mitt Romney Impersonator
Jim Gossett As George W Bush
Jim Gossett President George W Bush Impersonator
Jim Gossett As Ronald Reagan
Jim Gossett President Ronald Reagan Impersonator

Recommended Current Cast

Brent Mendenhall George W. Bush Impersonator

Political Impersonator
George W. Bush Impersonator
Nevada, MO

Jim Bachelor Mitt Romney Impersonator

Political Impersonator
Mitt Romney Impersonator
Las Vegas, NV

John Di Domenico Character Actor, Voice Artist, Writer

Character Actor, Voice Artist, Writer
Portrays dozens of characters
Las Vegas, NV

Ben Campbell Character Actor, Voice Artist

Character Actor, Voice Artist
Barack Obama, George W Bush Soundalike
Phoenix, AZ

Scott Blakeman Political Comedian, Writer

Political Comedian, Writer
NYC's Best Political Comedian
New York, NY

Will Durst Political Comedian, Writer

Political Comedian, Writer
Nationally Acclaimed Political Humorist
San Francisco, CA

Jim Gossett

Jim Gossett is a character actor performing political comedy. Among voice impressionists, the political comedy of Jim Gossett is some of the best because he pairs it with an ability to convincingly portray multiple political characters.

Jim Gossett is best known for his long career in radio, where his political comedy, impressions, analysis, musical parody songs, and voiceover work have been heard on daily call-ins and guest appearances syndicated around the nation, including major stations in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, St. Louis, and Dallas among many others. Jim Gossett’s ingenious political comedy and satire songs have become a radio phenomenon, and are regular content for the popular Lars Larson Show, heard on over 170 stations nationwide. In addition, his content has been broadcast on The Glenn Beck Program, Savage Nation with Michael Savage, the former Tony Snow Show on FOX News Radio, and The Sean Hannity Show. Jim Gossett is also a regular guest and contributor on the nationally syndicated Barry Farber Show.

During his political comedy routine, Jim Gossett performs a large stable of voiceover celebrity impressions including Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King, Tom Brokaw, Johnny Carson, Ted Koppel, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, Homer Simpson, Popeye, and Foghorn Leghorn among many others.

Jim Gossett’s Mitt Romney impersonation was developed into a live character by Politicos Comedy Brigade for the 2012 Presidential Election season. During 2012, Jim Gossett was a featured player in the Politicos Comedy Brigade political comedy show Comedy Campaign 2012, where he engaged in a comedic debate with a Barack Obama impersonator.

Jim Gossett is also well-known from his television appearances, including NBC Nightly News, CNN, Comedy Central, ABC, CMT, TNN, and TNT. He is a featured announcer and promotional voiceover on Cartoon Network and has lent his voice to national and regional commercials for Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald’s, RCA Records, GMC, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut.

Jim Gossett has performed his live political comedy show for top companies and organizations, including IBM, Allstate, Sony, Merck, General Motors, Boeing, Delta Airlines, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Morgan Stanley, State Farm, Toyota, Rotary International, Chevron, Toshiba, Sun Microsystems, Nationwide Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Aflac, and Nokia among hundreds of others. He has narrated presentations and products for Hewlett Packard, Home Depot, Orkin, MCI, and Knowledge Products Books on Tape among many others.

Political Comedy Booking Agency

Our political comedy booking agents and entertainment producers at Politicos Comedy Brigade are experts when it comes to live political comedy shows, political impersonators, and political comedians. Politicos Comedy Brigade provides its clients with excellent customer service when hiring top political comedy acts and entertainment.

Politicos Comedy Brigade’s political comedy booking agents and entertainment producers can provide you with assistance in selecting, booking, and/or producing live political comedy and political satire entertainment featuring the best political impersonators, President impersonators, Obama impersonators, historical impersonators, political comedians, political impressionists, political voice artists, and political comedy writers, in addition to coordinating all production details for your corporate event entertainment, private party entertainment, birthday party entertainment, wedding entertainment, gala entertainment, anniversary entertainment, after dinner entertainment, television or film project, radio project, or new media project.

When assisting you in booking or hiring political comedy acts for entertainment for your corporate event or private party, Politicos Comedy Brigade – the home of political comedy, can also provide you with a complete, no-hassle event entertainment package which includes all of the necessary production for the entertainment portion of your event. With a production team onsite, we can seamlessly take care of everything from the contracting of the event entertainment to coordinating flights, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, production, per diems and rider requirements, all in one flat fee for booking the political comedy act.

Consider Politicos Comedy Brigade, the home of political comedy, your official political comedy booking agency. Contact us to book political comedy performed by any political impersonator, President impersonator, Obama impersonator, historical impersonator, political comedian, political impressionist, political voice artist, or political comedy writer for your corporate event entertainment, private party entertainment, birthday party entertainment, wedding entertainment, gala entertainment, anniversary entertainment, after dinner entertainment, television or film project, radio project, or new media project.

Politicos Comedy Brigade

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